5 Signs That Your Hearing Aids Are Due For An Upgrade

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5 Signs That Your Hearing Aids Are Due For An Upgrade

1. Hearing Aids Are Over Five Years Old

Generally, hearing aids last between three to seven years. So, with good care, many hearing aids can make it to about five years before showing their age. Yet, as these devices come in constant contact with earwax, sweat, moisture, dust, and other debris, it is unsurprising that the delicate circuitry becomes damaged over time.

If your hearing aids are over five years old, they have likely undergone a good deal of stress and might not be performing as well anymore, making it time to upgrade your hearing aids.

2. Changes In Your Workplace Or Life

Hearing aids are often recommended based on what your current lifestyle is like. For instance, say that you worked from home, so you really only needed hearing aids that would work well in that sort of environment.

But if you change jobs and moved into a position where you will need to interact with many people or just a noisier environment altogether, your hearing aids may not be able to accommodate the difference. Instead of giving up on hearing aids, it will be time for an upgrade or a hearing accessory that can help you navigate your new setting.

3. Hearing Aids Are Too Quiet

Your degree of hearing loss can progressively become worse, especially as you age and are exposed to loud noises. As your hearing loss increases, your current hearing aids may not be up to providing you with enough amplification.

If your hearing aids aren’t amplifying sound enough, it is pretty easy to tell. Turning your hearing aid all the way up won’t be enough to yield the sound quality that you are looking for out of your hearing aids.

However, before you commit to buying a new pair of hearing aids just because your current pair are too quiet, be sure to bring them into our hearing instrument specialist. Depending on your needs and the capacity of your hearing aids, our hearing specialist may be able to reprogram them to accommodate the changes in your hearing.

4. Missing Some Beneficial Hearing Aid Features

Modern hearing aids are packed with engaging features that make them easier to use and help improve your quality of life. In the recent decade, hearing aid manufacturers have been making huge improvements in their hearing aid offerings, and depending on what you may need, there are a number of beneficial hearing aid features you may like. Hearing aid features such as:

  • Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calls and audio streaming

  • Remote hearing aid care provided

  • Rechargeable hearing aids (some even come with a portable charger)

  • Ability to geo-tag certain areas with your preferred listening programs

  • Hearing aid digital AI assistant that will learn your hearing needs

If one or more of these features caught your eye, be sure to bring it up as you visit with our hearing instrument specialist. He will make sure you are shown hearing aid upgrade options with those features.

5. Hearing Aids Damaged And Out Of Warranty

Should your hearing aids become damaged while under warranty, you can easily have them repaired either in our office hearing aid repair lab or sent to the manufacturer for warrantied repairs. Also, if you purchased the hearing aids through our hearing clinic, we will provide you with loaner hearing aids so that you are never left without your ability to hear.

However, when your hearing aids are outside of their warranty, and they have suffered significant damage, it may be too expensive to warrant repairing older hearing aids. In this case, it would make sense to simply upgrade your hearing aids.

Find New Hearing Aids In Cody, WY

If you need new hearing aids and live in Cody, WY, or Powell, WY, and the surrounding area, then you can count on Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming. We have hearing clinics in Cody and Powell, making it easy and convenient for you to find the hearing help you need.

So, if you are ready to invest in a new pair of hearing aids, be sure to contact us for a free hearing evaluation. That way, we can help you find hearing aids that will best suit your hearing needs.

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