Can Tinnitus Go Away On It's Own

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Can Tinnitus Go Away on its own? Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming.

Some Types Of Tinnitus Go Away On Their Own

There are some types of tinnitus that can technically go away on their own. The first type is limited tinnitus, which like the name implies, is limited in duration. Often, this type of tinnitus is in direct response to some kind of stressor, such as loud noise exposure or high levels of stress. Limited tinnitus can be a good warning sign that something is wrong, and you need to be careful.

You may also have somatic tinnitus, which is directly tied to your sensory system. This type of tinnitus is a side effect of a different health issue like neck pain and muscle spasms. Once the sensory issue is resolved, generally somatic tinnitus will go away without you doing something directly about it.

However, both objective tinnitus and subjective tinnitus requires intervention to manage. With objective tinnitus, it is the only kind of tinnitus that someone else can hear. If you have objective tinnitus, you will need to work with a medical professional immediately, as it can indicate serious health issues.

With subjective tinnitus—most common tinnitus aside from limited tinnitus—only the person with tinnitus can hear the sound.

Hearing Loss Can Trigger Permanent Tinnitus

While there are many things that can trigger tinnitus, a common factor is hearing loss. Many health care researchers suspect that everyone experiences tinnitus but their brains have learned to ignore the phantom sounds. But when you have hearing loss, the brain receives less external sound input.

Without that external sound input, the brain can start to recognize your tinnitus more. So, for many people who experience permanent tinnitus, they also have hearing loss. Thankfully, both of these conditions can be effectively managed with the right care.

Permanent Tinnitus Can Be Effectively Managed

While there is no cure for tinnitus—and you should be cautious around anyone claiming to have a cure—you can find effective tinnitus treatment that will empower you to manage your tinnitus effectively.

One of the most effective tools to help manage tinnitus are hearing aids with tinnitus support built-in. With the help of the tinnitus support in your hearing aids, you can have your tinnitus soothed by hearing aids that can emit the background noise you prefer so that you aren’t left in silence. Some of the more advanced hearing aids with tinnitus support—like Widex ZEN Therapy hearing aids—even allow you to control your tinnitus sound programs from your smartphone.

Along with the hearing aids options, there are sound generators you can use at night. These sound generators can provide soothing background noise so that your tinnitus is unable to prevent you from dropping off to sleep.

There are also a number of lifestyle changes that may be applicable to your circumstances. To determine what tinnitus solutions you should pursue will depend on the result of your tinnitus evaluation at our hearing clinic.

Find Tinnitus Treatment At Modern Hearing Solutions Of Wyoming

With multiple hearing clinic locations, we have made it easier than ever for you to find tinnitus treatment and management here at Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming. We tailor our tinnitus treatment to your needs, and you can enjoy personalized care when you choose to work with us in regards to all your hearing needs.

To take the first steps to manage your tinnitus, contact us today for a consultation with our hearing specialist.

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