Common Wyoming Events With Surprising Decibel Levels

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Common Wyoming Events With Surprising Decibel Levels

Watch Out For Megaphones And Other Noises At Rodeos

No one would call a rodeo a quiet or peaceful environment. But what many people don’t realize is that many of the sounds at the rodeo can damage their hearing. From the buzzer announcing the start and end of competitions to the loudspeakers and megaphones, there are plenty of high decibels (dB) to barrage your ears.

To give you an idea of when decibel levels get too loud, you should know that hearing damage begins between 85 dB-90 dB, though at those levels, you need over an hour and a half of exposure. However, the louder the decibels beyond that point, the faster your hearing can be damaged.

So, let’s say you are near a rodeo announcer who is using a megaphone. According to one megaphone manufacturer, their quietest megaphone is rated to produce 98 dB. This measurement came from six feet away.

Likely, most rodeos you will attend around Cody and Powell will use more powerful megaphones and loudspeaker systems. So, if you plan on catching a rodeo, be sure to pack some disposable earplugs—especially if you will have children with you due to their sensitive ears.

(Image credit: Thunder Power Megaphones)

(Image credit: Thunder Power Megaphones)

Enjoy Live Concerts While Protecting Your Ears

Catching live concerts is possible in and around Cody, WY, especially in the spring and summer months. Before you go enjoy a performance, you should know what kind of decibel levels you are exposing your ears to over the course of the concert.

Take a violin, for example. This staple of many folk and bluegrass bands, the violin has a decibel range of 84 dB-103 dB. Over the course of a concert, that is enough sustained decibel impact to damage your hearing, not even considering the other instruments being played.

Along with staying a little further back from the performer(s), bringing some hearing protection can help. If you like to catch live music often, you may want to discuss reusable hearing protection options with our hearing specialist.

Pack Hearing Protection When Hunting

Hunting in Wyoming, whether you live in Evanston or up in Cody, is a staple. However, too often, individuals will go take care of getting permits, gear, ammo, and more while forgetting all about packing the right type of hearing protection. Yet, when it comes to impacting your hearing, few things can be as quickly damaging as hunting with a gun while lacking hearing protection.

Consider this—when fired, even a small .22 caliber rifle can reach over 140 dB. That is well-beyond the damaging levels of decibels. If you are using big bore hunting rifles, you can easily surpass 175 dB when firing.

So, as you pack up for your hunting in Bighorn Basin or one of the choice hunting spots, be sure you have the right hearing protection. If you aren’t sure what you need, you can consult with our hearing instrument specialist.

Consider Decibel Levels Before Watching Fireworks

There are plenty of summer celebrations that make use of fireworks—from the big holidays like the Fourth of July to smaller rodeos that put off fireworks. The problem is, fireworks are incredibly loud and can pretty easily damage your ears.

Your average store-bought fireworks can reach 150 dB, and it is not unheard of to have fireworks that reach over 175 dB! So, if you are planning to enjoy some fireworks, be sure to pack some hearing protection.

Crowded Fairs And Markets Can Highlight Hearing Loss

For those who have hearing loss—but don’t know it yet—attending a crowded fair or indoor market can highlight that loss. As the sounds of other shoppers, vendors, cooking food, and the flood of sounds that are present at these types of venues hit your ears, it can leave you disoriented and unable to clearly hear.

If you often find you need to have things repeated or have to be face-to-face with someone to hear them speaking while at an indoor market or fair, it may be time to get your hearing checked.

Manage Hearing Loss In Cody, WY

Whether you are concerned about present hearing loss or need help preventing hearing loss, you can find the help you need at our hearing clinic in Cody, WY. Our hearing instrument specialist can assess your hearing with a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

He can also provide guidance on hearing protection, as well as assistance in obtaining the ideal hearing protection for your needs. We also have a second hearing clinic in Powell, WY, so you can easily have your hearing needs taken care of by our hearing specialist.

Have your hearing checked out by our hearing instrument specialists by contacting us today to set up your appointment. We are ready to help you enjoy the best hearing possible.

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