Don’t Let Hearing Loss Interfere With Your Holiday Plans

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Don’t Let Hearing Loss Interfere With Your Holiday Plans

Ways To Make Holiday Gatherings Easier On Those With Hearing Loss

There are plenty of tips and tricks you can implement to make your next holiday gathering or Christmas party easier on your hearing.

Use hearing aids – If you don’t already have hearing aids, it is essential that you take care of that before much longer. Hearing loss can be a progressive issue, but by using hearing aids, you can take the strain off your auditory system. Also, hearing aids will make navigating various hearing situations easier, as you can have different listening programs set that you can switch between to accommodate various hearing settings. Turn off background music – When possible, it is best if you turn off background music. While holiday tunes are a fun way to set the mood, the extra noise can make hearing difficult, especially in situations where there are multiple conversations taking place. If you are in a restaurant, you can also ask if they can turn down the music to make participating easier. Let friends and family know – Your friends and family want you to enjoy the holidays as much as they do, but they likely don’t know your needs as well as you do. So, be open with them and tell them about your hearing needs. As for work holiday events, be sure to discuss with your supervisor what accommodations you need. Under the American Disability Act, they need to make reasonable accommodations for your hearing needs. Move to better positions – To cut down on the amount of noise that can come at you, try to always have your back to a wall. Not only will this position give you one area where sound can’t come from, but it also can help absorb sound. This trick also works well in restaurants, especially if you ask to be placed in a back corner booth when possible. Utilize bright lighting – Holiday lighting often comes from candles, string lights, and sparkling disco balls. While this kind of lighting can set a playful mood, it can be tough if you have hearing loss, as you lose out on the body language and other visual cues that are given when someone is speaking to you. Instead, have the fun lights along with bright lighting to make your communication during the holidays easier. Take hearing breaks – Even without hearing loss, being bombarded with sound can make identifying people’s speech and other sounds difficult. During your holiday celebrations, don’t be afraid to take a break from all the noise and go somewhere quiet. Even a five-minute break can help you rejoin your holiday party with rejuvenated hearing.

Don’t Miss Holiday Events In Cody, WY Because Of Hearing Loss

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