Hearing Aid Apps Make Hearing Aids Even Better

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Hearing Aid Apps Make Hearing Aids Even Better

What Is A Hearing Aid App

That’s right, some hearing aids now can be connected to an app. The app can act as a remote control for your hearing aids, allowing you to cycle through different listening programs, change the volume levels, and other features. Different hearing aid brands will have different apps available, and even within the same brand, there can be several hearing aid apps available.

Now, not all hearing aids have an associated manufacturer app. If you are unsure if your hearing aids come with a hearing aid app, Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming is here to help. With the help of our hearing instrument specialist, you can find out what app can be used with your hearing aids and what features are associated.

Common Hearing Aid App Features

While hearing aid apps will come with different features depending on the manufacturer and the type of hearing aid you have, there are some common hearing aid app features you can look forward to using.

Volume control – The simplest feature is the volume control feature. Rather than needing to use a hearing aid remote or try to spin a volume wheel on your hearing aids, you can simply open up your hearing aid app. Also, some apps have more advanced features that allow you to change the bass, treble, and other frequency gains options.

Tinnitus management – Tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss. So, to help manage your tinnitus, there are built-in tinnitus management tools that come with many hearing aid apps. You can control what soothing program plays in your hearing aids, which helps to prevent your tinnitus from overwhelming you.

Some hearing aids and apps have more sophisticated tinnitus management features than others, so be sure to mention your tinnitus needs when discussing hearing aid options.

Hearing aid program selection – Depending on where you are, you will have different listening needs. Hearing aid apps can allow you to easily change your hearing aid program to match your environment.

So, whether you enter a library and need a louder hearing aid setting or a crowded mall and want to tone down background noises, you can easily pull out your smartphone and choose your preferred hearing aid program from the app.

Battery life indicator – No one likes being caught unaware by low-battery hearing aids. You can prevent this uncomfortable situation with a hearing aid app that shows your hearing aids’ current battery level. Some will also show how much battery life you have left in hours of usage.

Hearing aid locator – Sometimes, hearing aids can become misplaced. Rather than turning your entire house upside-down, you can use a hearing aid app, as many of them come with a hearing aid locator tool. How these function varies from app to app, but they are all helpful in locating your missing hearing aid.

Remote hearing aid care – As our patients in Powell, Cody, and the surrounding areas can live a good ways away from our hearing aid clinics, having the ability to receive remote hearing aid care is an exceptionally helpful feature. By using this feature, our hearing instrument specialist will be able to provide hearing aid support and programming help, no matter where you are currently located.

While these features are common, you may not find them associated with every hearing aid app. There are some hearing aid manufacturers who have taken more time and care in developing their hearing aid apps.

Best Hearing Aid Apps By Manufacturers

If you are interested in learning more about the best hearing aid apps that hearing aid manufacturers have created, here are the top five hearing aid apps and what they can do for you.

Oticon ON App

Oticon ON App

With the Oticon ON app, you can connect to your Opn hearing aids as well as the newer Opn S hearing aids. By connecting, you can control the volume of your hearing aids, as well as adjusting the bass or treble to allow you greater hearing range. You can also switch hearing aid programs so that you can be more fully immersed in what you are hearing. The ON app also allows you to connect with your remote microphone and Oticon TV streamer.

Along with the common features we listed in the above section, the Oticon ON app also allows you to connect to IFTTT. With this connection, you can set up your phone to receive notifications if your hearing aids lose its connection to your smartphone, if your batteries are low, and other essential information.

ReSound Smart 3D App

ReSound Smart 3D App

Easy to use, the ReSound Smart 3D app allows you to take in-depth control of your hearing aids. Not only can you adjust the volume on each hearing aid separately, but you can also adjust the treble, bass, and mids for greater sound quality. You also have quick access to your various hearing programs, both the ones made by our hearing specialist but also the ones you made for yourself.

Along with these features, you are also provided with tinnitus management tools to assist you in treating your tinnitus. Also, the Smart 3D app can help you stream to your TV or other remote hearing accessories.

Starkey Thrive App

Starkey Thrive App

As you can see from the above image, the Starkey Thrive app measures your physical activity for a Body Score and also provides a Brain Score for different mental activities. The Body Score is calculated by tracking how often you are up and moving, tracks your step count, and provides you with a calories burned number.

The Brain Score is a little less obvious. This score comes from how long you wear your hearing aids that day, how often you have changed hearing environments, and how often you have communicated with others. Along with these features, you can also use the app to find your hearing aids, receive remote hearing health care support, adjust the volume, and more engaging features.

Widex EVOKE App

Widex EVOKE App

Designed for the Widex EVOKE hearing aids, the EVOKE app comes with most of the features we mentioned above—directional hearing control, volume adjustments, device connectivity, sound program creation, and more.

But the real standout is the new SoundSense Learn feature. This new hearing aid feature allows you to personalize your hearing aid sound profiles, and with machine learning, SoundSense Learn will be able to provide you with greater listening quality based on your preferences.

Signia MyControl App

Signia MyControl App

Take control of your Signia hearing aids with the Signia MyControl app. With the 360-degree hearing provided by your Signia hearing aids, you can use the app to control what direction you would like to hear sounds. You can also switch between different hearing programs, control the volume and sound balance of each hearing aid, monitor your hearing aids battery level, and more.

Also, a significant benefit is that the MyControl app allows for our hearing instrument specialist to provide remote care. Should you run into an issue with your hearing aid programming, he can help and even offer secure virtual appointments.

Discuss Your Hearing Aid App Options At Modern Hearing Solutions Of Wyoming

To learn more about what hearing aids and associated app may be right for your needs, feel free to contact us.

Our hearing instrument specialist will be more than happy to talk about the best hearing aids for your particular hearing loss and which hearing aids have top-quality hearing aid apps to provide you with greater control.

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