MythBusters’ Adam Savage Shares His Experience With Hearing Loss And Hearing Aids

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MythBusters’ Adam Savage Shares His Experience With Hearing Loss And Hearing Aids

Adam Savage’s Hearing Journey

Adam Savage has led a full career, from working on MythBusters to being the founder of Tested. Even more impressive, Savage has done this all while dealing with hearing loss since he was born, as he was born with congenital hearing loss.

After multiple surgeries on his middle ear and the complete reconstruction of his eardrum, Savage regained a limited amount of hearing. To increase his overall hearing range, Savage uses hearing aids. He has used different hearing aid brands over the years and is currently using Widex hearing aids.

How Hearing Aids Have Help Adam

After having several successful ear surgeries, Savage could have become resentful that he still had hearing loss and needed to use hearing aids. But, instead, he has emphasized how hearing aids have helped him. Some of the key ways Savage has said hearing aids improved his life are:

  • “Radically improved all my relationships.”

  • “[Hearing aids] improved my mood.”

  • “[Hearing aids] improved my desire to go out and do things.”

As hearing loss can impact all aspects of your life, we found it inspiring to see Savage address these issues in the video below.

Tested's Adam Savage raves about his Widex Evoke hearing aids

Being Open About Hearing Loss And Hearing Aids

A major part of why Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming likes to highlight hearing aid champions like Adam Savage is to help open up the dialog concerning hearing loss and using hearing aids.

As hearing loss can become isolating, it is important to know that there are others who also have hearing loss, and it can be overcome with the use of properly-fitted and programmed hearing aids.

If you are unsure where to start with taking care of your hearing loss, feel free to contact us for an appointment. We offer free hearing evaluations and hearing aid demonstrations, so there are fewer barriers between you and excellent hearing health care.

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