Studies Show Yoga Can Help Manage Tinnitus

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Studies Show Yoga Can Help Manage Tinnitus

Research Behind Yoga Tinnitus Treatment

study looked into the effectiveness of practicing yoga as a method of controlling and alleviating tinnitus. There were 12 participants in the study, all of whom were diagnosed with chronic tinnitus. Over the course of the study, the participants were asked to go to a once-a-week yoga class as well as practice yoga at home. This experiment covered a three-month span.

Progress was tracked with questionnaires, and stress was the main factor being assessed, as there is no objective measurement for subjective tinnitus. The baseline stress scores were positive, showing that engaging in regular yoga sessions helped reduce stress loads.

Why Yoga Can Be Effective In Helping Tinnitus Sufferers

So, why be so worried about stress? Well, when our hearing instrument specialist counsels and educated patients on tinnitus, a significant trigger for tinnitus is stress and anxiety. Without understanding the connection between tinnitus and stress, it can be easy to be caught in a vicious cycle.

For instance, say a young man is feeling stressed about his workload and begins to experience a tinnitus flare-up. His tinnitus interferes with his ability to concentrate on his work and communicate with his co-workers, which impacts his already-stressful workload negatively. This negative impact creates more stress, and that exacerbates his tinnitus.

With regular yoga, you are not only exercising—which definitely helps with tinnitus—but you are also taking time to release pent-up stress and anxiety. Taking time to mindfully connect with your body through yoga can help you acclimate to your tinnitus as well, rather than trying to desperately ignore it.

Other Tinnitus Treatment And Management Methods

Along with doing yoga and engaging in other helpful lifestyle changes, you can find different tinnitus treatment and management options here at Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming. Our top options include:

  • Tinnitus and hearing evaluations –


    When it comes to assessing your tinnitus, it can be difficult, as there is no outward manifestation that can be heard. So, as part of your tinnitus evaluation, our hearing instrument specialist will review your medical history and perform a hearing evaluation. With these insights, he will be able to determine if there is an underlying cause for your tinnitus that can be addressed.

  • Hearing aids –


    Even if you don’t have hearing loss, hearing aids can be an effective option to manage your tinnitus. The hearing aids can act as portable sound generators, putting out soothing sounds that help keep you from being trapped with your tinnitus. Some you can even control from your smartphone. And if you do have hearing loss and tinnitus, you can solve both issues by using hearing aids.

  • Medical referral –


    Should it turn out that there is an underlying medical issue, or you have built-up earwax that is triggering your tinnitus, our hearing instrument specialist can provide you with a medical referral. With his medical referral, you can get in to see a specialist that requires a referral to see.

If you would like to work with our hearing instrument specialist to find effective tinnitus treatment or other hearing services, please contact us. We look forward to helping you live a tinnitus-free life!

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