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Hearing loss is tricky – it sneaks up on you.  As we age, we may be more inclined to suspect hearing loss, but we’re not expecting it when we’re younger, so we assume that some people are just mumbling.  In any case, it’s important to know – our very quality of life depends on it!

Here are some quick clues to whether hearing loss may be curtailing our ability to communicate:

1)  Misunderstanding people

2)  People mention that the TV or Radio is a bit loud

3)  High-pitched sounds go unnoticed; e.g. you drive with the blinker on continuously

4)  Asking others to repeat themselves

5)  You hate crowds because you can never hear anyone; e.g. restaurants, parties

6)  People mention that you’re talking a little to loudly

7)  Ringing in the ears.  It’s called Tinnitus, and it can be a symptom of hearing loss

8)  Telephone calls have become difficult

The Challenge:

Loss of hearing is like other losses – we go through phases of denial and grieving.  It is very difficult to realize that we have diminished function in some part of our body.  Nevertheless, today’s technology makes compensation for that loss better than it’s ever been, both aesthetically and technically.  Hearing aids today are amazingly effective at bringing us back into the hearing world, with zero feedback and ability to hearing well in noise.  They are also more invisible than ever before.


If you even suspect you, or a loved one, are suffering from hearing loss, get it checked out.  A hearing test can answer so many questions, and it’s painless!  You can reach us HERE.