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“Yes, but what’s that got to do with my hearing?”  Glad you asked.

The fact is IF you have hearing loss, this may be an underlying cause of how you feel.  Although living in relative silence is a peaceful existence, few of us go through life as hermits.  To enjoy life, we need to feel companionship and communication is a big part of that.

An interesting study back in 1999 shows just how significant getting help for our hearing loss can be.  It was recently republished by The American Academy of Audiology.  To read the entire report, click here.   In the study, it talks about the tendency to both be depressed and angry because of the difficulty hearing loss places on communication with others.

What I found particularly interesting was the table associated with what happens when folks actually got help through hearing aids.  Notice in the table below – Improvement for the Hearing Aid User was excellent, but it was even more helpful for his/her family members!  This is another reason to strongly consider the damage our poor hearing does to our family, as we try to use them as our hearing aids for understanding things around us, complain that they’re mumbling all the time, and generally make their life more difficult.

So what’s the bottom line?  Our hearing loss cannot be ignored for us to live life successfully and happily.  If you think you may be suffering from hearing loss, and especially if friends or family suggest you are, please call for a free consultation and evaluation and get the facts about your hearing so that you can make an informed decision about decreasing any feelings of depression and social isolation in your life.  Just drop me a note by clicking here.  We’d love to help.