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Financial Information

Choosing to purchase hearing aids from our hearing instrument specialist represents a significant investment in your hearing and overall health.

To help you understand more about how Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming handles the financial side of your hearing, we will cover how we check for insurance coverage, our financing options, and what we will do to ensure your hearing isn’t impacted by your budget.

Insurance Coverage Of Hearing Aids

When you make your first appointment for a consultation and hearing test, we like to go over your insurance plan and the coverage your policy extends. With that information, we can perform pre-checks before you come in for your appointment, so everything is ready if we do discover that you can benefit from hearing aids.

Even if your appointment is set up before we receive your insurance information, our team will ensure that the policy coverage checks are run before the end of your appointment. That way, you can easily take care of everything at once.

Our hearing instrument specialist offers complimentary hearing tests and consultations for everyone who books an appointment, so you don’t have to worry about that aspect.

Financing Your Hearing Aids

Unfortunately, hearing aids are often not covered by insurance, and many people are not in a position to pay for their hearing aids upfront and out-of-pocket. We understand this difficulty, which is why we work with Wells Fargo and Care Credit to provide multiple financing options for our patients.

These financers offer our patients 12-month, no-interest loans to make the cost of your hearing aids more affordable. If you need a longer repayment plan or a fixed monthly amount, these financers offer these options, but there will be some interest incurred.

Modern Hearing Solutions Of Wyoming Cares For Your Hearing Needs And Budget

As your hearing services provider, we want to make sure your hearing and lifestyle needs are being met. However, we also understand the impact finances makes when considering what hearing aids are right for you.

Our hearing instrument specialist carries a range of hearing aids at a wide variety of price points to help accommodate those with budget restrictions. He understands that there is enormous value in regaining your hearing, and that your overall quality of life can be impacted if you struggle to pay for solutions like hearing aids.

No matter what, do not allow finances to dictate if you come in for a consultation and hearing test. By taking this first step, you can at least identify if a problem exists and work from there. Our hearing specialist also emphasized that this is why you should bring a family member or trusted friend—who can help you ask important questions regarding your care and available options—to your appointment

Take that first step today and contact us to set up your consultation with our hearing instrument specialist, and choose to take control of your health.