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Hearing Aid Brands

At Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming, we are an independent hearing clinic. This independence means we can carry all major hearing aid brands, offering you the best possible hearing aids for your needs with no need to push any particular brand or type of hearing aids.

There are six particular hearing aid brands our hearing clinic has found to offer high-quality hearing experiences. To help you understand more about the various hearing aids brands, we have covered the highlights of the six brands below.

Oticon Hearing Aids


With roots reaching back over 100 years, Oticon has built a reputation of excellence. Emphasizing their “People First” slogan, Oticon not only manufactures hearing aids but they also have a research center that produces innovative technology. This tech ranges from the Tinnitus SoundSupport built into their Opn hearing aids to rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Current Oticon Hearing Aids

Current Oticon

There is currently a robust lineup of hearing aids available through Oticon. To give you a brief overview of the hearing aids currently available, check out the list below.

  • Opn – Premier hearing aids from Oticon, you can find them in 3 different hearing aid styles, 8 color options, Bluetooth-enabled, and other tech options.
  • Siya – Powerful hearing aids that deliver quality sound, you can find them in 8 different hearing aid styles, 5 color options, Bluetooth-enabled, and other tech options.
  • Dynamo – Great for severe-to-profound hearing loss, you can find them in the BTE hearing aid style only, 7 color options, and a variety of tech options.
  • Performance line – The Oticon Alta2, Nera2, and Ria2 are part of the Performance line. You can find 11 hearing aid styles, 13 color options, and a variety of tech on each type of Performance line hearing aids.
  • Children line – For those children who struggle with hearing loss, Oticon has 5 different hearing aids in their children’s line – Oticon Opn, Sensei, Sensei Super Power (SP), ConnectLine, and Amigo FM.

Starkey Hearing Aids


The Starkey hearing aids brand began in Minnesota over fifty years ago. Between their high-quality hearing aids and continued innovation, Starkey has made a name for themselves as a provider for excellence.

They also are highly involved in charitable works through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. This foundation focuses on bringing hearing aids and hearing education to the underprivileged.

Current Starkey Hearing Aids

Current Starkey

Different hearing aid technologies are built into Starkey hearing aids. Some of the current technologies available are:

  • Livio AI – Compatible with 2 hearing aid styles, hearing aids with this technology can wirelessly sync with the Thrive app, provide various media entertainment syncing, can provide real-time translation of foreign languages, has health sensors embedded and more.
  • Halo iQ – Only compatible with 1 hearing aid style, Halo iQ can help you with directional hearing in immersive listening environments. You can stream phone calls from your iPhone directly to your hearing aids for better conversations, GPS tag locations with hearing profiles, sync with the TruLink app for greater control, and more.
  • SoundLense iQ – You can find this hearing technology on one style of hearing aid. It can sync with your entertainment via Starkey accessories, customized for each user to create a better listening environment, and more.
  • Picasso – Compatible with 4 hearing aid styles, this Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid technology works with multiple Starkey hearing accessories to allow you to stream media directly to your hearing aids. It also includes Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, even in the smallest hearing aids that come with Picasso tech.
  • Muse iQ – Compatible with 5 different hearing aid styles, the Muse iQ technology is the only one that offers rechargeable hearing aid solutions. This tech also comes with Surface NanoShield to help protect hearing aids from wax, water, or moisture. Streaming is also available with Muse iQ when you use Starkey accessories.
  • Z Series – With 5 different compatible hearing aid styles, Z series technology improves the user’s ability to hear high-frequencies, uses sound compression technology to reduce feedback sounds, allows for streaming via Starkey accessories, and offers improved hearing adaptability.

Signia Hearing Aids


A relatively young hearing aid brand, Signia aims to bring premium style to hearing aids. This hearing aid brand grew out of Siemens hearing aids and is part of the Sivantos Group. So, while Signia is young, its parent company Sivantos has been helping people recover from hearing loss for over one hundred years.

Current Signia Hearing Aids

Current Signia

Currently, there are many different hearing aids that make up the Signia hearing aid line. The basics of these hearing aids are:

  • Styletto – Sleek and attractive, the Styletto is a new style of rechargeable hearing aid that comes with 3 different color options. They can be adjusted by an audiologist at a distance by connecting them with the myHearing app, and you can control your hearing aids via the touchControl app.
  • Pure – There are five types of Pure hearing aids, which come with 13 color options. These are enabled with SpeechMaster, which allows for specific directionality listening and noise reduction, especially in areas where sound reverberates.
  • Carat – Featuring built-in directional microphones to create better listening, the Carat comes with 13 color options. Rechargeable with optional batteries, you can pair the Carat hearing aid with Signia accessories for wireless streaming.
  • Cellion – Along with the directional microphones, you can turn on the T-coil to tune into a loop system for clarity of hearing. There are also 11 color options available, with the case of the Cellion is able to be swapped out if you want the color of your hearing aids to better match with your appearance. These hearing aids are also rechargeable.
  • Motion – There are 4 different Motion-style hearing aids available. At most, there are 15 colors for the Motion hearing aids, but it does depend on which style of Motion hearing aid you choose. These colors can be exchanged with the help of our hearing instrument specialist. These hearing aids are also rechargeable.
  • Silk – Only one color option comes with the Silk hearing aids. These invisible hearing aids come with tinnitus management tools, media streaming via Signia accessories, and a sensitive speaker on the front of the hearing aid.
  • Insio – You can find four different Insio style hearing aids, between 1-5 different colors depending on which style of hearing aid you choose to use. All of them come with tinnitus management tools, with easy-access battery compartments. You can also pair Insio hearing aids with Signia accessories to enjoy media streamed straight into your hearing aids.

Widex Hearing Aids


Another major name in hearing aids, Widex is a family-owned hearing aid manufacturing and development company. With over sixty years of excellence, Widex is also unique in that their Denmark headquarters is wind-powered and is the only hearing aid manufacturer to take advantage of renewable energy.

Current Widex Hearing Aids

Current Widex

Widex carries a wide variety of hearing aids and emphasizes natural-sounding listening experiences. Currently, their premier hearing aids are:

  • Evoke – These hearing aids come in 10 different hearing aid styles, and comes in a variety of colors depending on the style of hearing aids you pick. There is a multitude of Widex hearing accessories that can be paired with Evoke hearing aids. Also, Evoke hearing aids can have the Widex Zen Therapy tinnitus treatment system built-in, which allows you to have greater management over your tinnitus.
  • Beyond – The Beyond hearing aids can wirelessly sync with the Beyond app so that you can take control over your hearing environment. You can also choose from 10 different colors on the Beyond hearing aids. There is also the Beyond Z, which is the rechargeable hearing aid option from Widex.
  • Custom – Custom-made hearing aids, which come in 4 different hearing aid styles, are created to fit into your ear perfectly. These hearing aids can be paired with Widex accessories so that you can sync up with your mobile device and other media.

Phonak Hearing Aids


With over seventy years of hearing aid excellence behind them, Phonak has become a major hearing devices manufacturer. They develop everything from top-of-the-line hearing aids for all ages to hearing accessories to create better-listening environments. Phonak also is the only creator of the 24-hour hearing aid.

Current Phonak Hearing Aids

Current Phonak

With their long history, Phonak has many hearing aids currently available. Their newest and best hearing aids available are:

  • Nadia B – There are 3 hearing aid body styles to choose from with 9 colors available. Some styles of the Nadia B are rechargeable. Depending on your level of hearing loss, different body styles will work better for your hearing.
  • Audeo B-Direct – You can choose from 6 hearing aid styles with 9 different colors available. Some of the Audeo B-Direct hearing aids are rechargeable, but all have automatic volume adjustments to match whatever environment you have entered.
  • Bolero B – Out of the 4 hearing aid styles available, one of them is rechargeable. There are also 9 colors available, and they can sync with various Phonak hearing accessories.
  • Virto B-Titanium – One style of hearing aids with four colors available, this style of hearing aids is unobtrusive and custom-made for your ears.
  • Sky B – Phonak’s children’s hearing aid line, these hearing aids can assist with mild to profound hearing loss in children. There are 14+ color combinations your child can choose from, with one style of hearing aid.
  • Lyric – The first 24-hour extended wear hearing aid, the Lyric is placed in your ear by a hearing professional to give you invisible hearing.

ReSound Hearing Aids


Current ReSound Hearing Aids

Current Resound

There are many styles of hearing aids available from ReSound, with an array of hearing technology built in. Some of the top ones ReSound is currently promoting are:

  • LiNX Quattro – With 17 colors available and two different hearing aid styles, you can also find a rechargable option with this hearing aid. It comes with a handheld power source as well, so you can keep your hearing aids charge.
  • LiNK 3D – There are 25 color options with the LiNK 3D hearing aids, with 7 hearing aid styles also available. This kind of hearing aid can help with any type of hearing loss.

Modern Hearing Solutions Of Wyoming Carries All Major Hearing Aid Brands

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