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Hearing Test

Uncontrolled hearing loss can cause far-reaching, permanent damage to our speech and hearing comprehension. There are also strong links between hearing loss and dementia.

The number one way to defend against progressive hearing loss is to have in-depth hearing tests performed on a regular basis. Here at Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming, our hearing instrument specialist Don Doucet can perform comprehensive hearing tests and help you understand what your test results mean for your future hearing needs.

Who Can Benefit From A Hearing Evaluation

Often, hearing loss is considered a concern of the elderly. However, around 48 million Americans are affected by hearing loss, and that hearing loss is not restricted to any one age group.

Instead, if you are concerned that you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss and may benefit from a hearing evaluation, there are some common symptoms you can identify.

Those with increased tinnitus symptomsTinnitus is a continuous sound which only the sufferer can hear and increased tinnitus symptoms are often accompanied by greater levels of hearing loss. For those who notice increased tinnitus symptoms, a hearing test can help both recover the lost hearing and provide tinnitus management tools.

Adults who are 50 years old or older – Adults who are still part of the workforce but nearing retirement age often have experienced a lifetime of damaging noise exposure which has begun to add up to detectable hearing loss. We recommend adults in their late forties/early fifties begin coming in for yearly hearing exams.

People struggling with cognitive decline – Hearing loss and cognitive disorders such as dementia have been strongly linked. When those with dementia become cut off from the world of sound around them, it becomes easier for them to become confused. If you have noticed increased confusion in yourself or a loved one, we recommend a hearing test to rule out hearing loss as the source.

Those who find social situations difficult to follow – If you or your loved one has begun to struggle with following conversations in a group situation and other social gatherings, this can be a sign of hearing loss. As hearing loss can restrict our range of hearing, it becomes easy to miss what someone is saying if you are not concentrating on them.

Volume on media devices are all near or at max – For those who need to turn up the volume of their media devices to the max level or near the top volume, hearing loss is likely the cause behind this need. A hearing test can determine the extent of the hearing loss.

What Occurs During A Hearing Test At Modern Hearing Solutions

One of the key hearing services we provide at Modern Hearing Solutions is our hearing examination. This hearing examination help our hearing specialist determine the level of your hearing loss, whether or not your hearing aids are correct for your level of hearing loss and more. Our hearing instrument specialist offers hearing tests and hearing aids as a complimentary service for those who book an appointment, as he wants to ensure everyone can receive high-quality hearing care service.

To gain a more in-depth understanding of our hearing examination service, we have elaborated below.

Pre-Hearing Test Consultation

When you come in for a hearing test, our hearing specialist will meet with you before the test takes place. He does this to understand:

  • What your hearing difficulties have been like for you
  • Your goals for your improved hearing
  • How you would like us to assist you in your hearing needs

Our hearing specialist recommends you bring a family member or friend who can help you clarify the hearing issues you both have been experiencing.

Video Otoscopy

In many instances, receiving a health-related test can be mystifying. To help you be more involved in your hearing care, our hearing instrument specialist uses a video otoscopy. This device allows you to see a clear image of the inside of your ear canal.

Our specialist will explain what you are seeing on the screen of the video otoscopy and help you see how the displayed images can affect your hearing.

Sound Testing

There are two main hearing tests our hearing specialist will perform while you are in the sound booth to create the audiogram mapping of your hearing loss.

Pure tone – Various tones will be played at different frequencies and volume levels through a pair of headphone. You will be given a remote, and you will be asked to press the button when you hear a tone played. By doing this pure tone testing, we can determine which frequencies and/or volume levels you may be struggling with hearing.

Air and bone conduction – Another test will help determine how well the bones inside your ear are conducting sound without the help of the eardrum. This test is done by placing a device behind your ears and having you signal when you hear a sound like in the pure tone test.

Speech Testing

After the sound testing is completed, you will remain in the sound booth for the speech testing. These tests will help our hearing specialist determine if hearing counseling services may be necessary to help you reconnect your hearing and speech receptors.

Speech reception – Our hearing specialist will speak words at various volume levels to help further determine the volume levels of sound you may not be able to hear. You will be asked to signal with the remote from the sound tests. This test also helps him determine the speed which your ears are transmitting speech to your brain.

Word recognition – You will be asked to listen and repeat back words to our hearing specialist. By doing this, he can determine if gaps exist in your word recognition, which may signal damage to your auditory nerve.

Our hearing instrument specialist may conduct further tests if he determines they are necessary to pinpoint your particular hearing loss. However, in many cases, these hearing tests are excellent at determining the correct level of hearing loss.

Post-Hearing Test Consultation

As you can see, unlike the simple hearing tests which children receive in grade school, a proper hearing examination from a certified hearing instrument specialist uses multiple testing protocols to determine if hearing loss is present. With this level of testing, our hearing specialist can provide you with clear answers concerning your hearing.

So, after the hearing evaluation has been completed, our hearing specialist will explain what the test results indicate. He will answer any questions you and your companion have for him, and he will make recommendations based on your test results.


If the hearing test has shown that you can benefit from hearing aids, our hearing specialist carries the latest hearing technology. He will program the hearing aids to your needs and allow you to test them out. As we carry a wide variety of hearing aids and brands at Modern Hearing Solutions, our hearing instrument specialist is happy to work with you until the perfect hearing aids have been found.

For further hearing-related inquiries or to work with our hearing specialist Don, contact us by either filling out our appointment form or call to set up an appointment.