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That’s a question many ask themselves as they get older. After all, don’t we just learn to cope gracefully with the effects of aging on many things? That’s true, but few of us are willing to give up the ability to see well (glasses) or our dental needs as we age. Those things are critical to being able to enjoy life. Likewise with our hearing – as it worsens, the effects on our ability to communicate diminish. Is that important? You bet!

According to The National Council on Aging (NCOA). In a study of those over 50 with untreated hearing loss they found that these folks experienced more frequent and lasting feelings of depression and isolation. Just when our social connections become most important to us, they are diminished by our inability to communicate effectively. Read the full report here:

So, the first step is to get tested to measure the extent and type of hearing loss you have. Click here to arrange that at a hearing healthcare specialist near you.