Serving Park and Big Horn Counties

If you have been looking for hearing aids and other hearing services while living in either Park County, WY or Big Horn County, WY, you are in luck. Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming has two different locations, giving you easier access to the hearing services you need.

Hearing Services - Park County Wyoming

Both of our hearing clinics are located in Park County, WY, with one in Powell and the other situated in Cody. Both clinics are easily accessible and near the center of their respective towns.

Powell, WY

Our hearing clinic in Powell, WY is located on 443 W Coulter Ave Ste 6. This clinic was the original Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming, and it has been outfit with the latest in hearing technology.

Information about our Powell location, including hours of operation.

Cody, WY

This office as part of Big Horn Medical Center in the Alpine Medical Building on 3100 Big Horn Ave. You can easily find our clinic when it comes time to visit for your hearing appointment.

Information about our Cody location including hours of operation.

Hearing Services - Big Horn County Wyoming

While neither of our hearing clinics is located in Big Horn County, WY, they are conveniently situated near many of the towns in Big Horn County. Below is a brief overview of the main towns in Big Horn County and their distance from our hearing clinics.

Here are the other cities we proudly serve:

Lovell, WY

Our hearing clinic in Powell is the closest location for hearing services in Lovell, Wy. The trip is about 30 minutes long, though you will want to plan for more time during the winter months to give you time for careful driving.

Greybull, WY

Technically, the Powell clinic is four minutes closer than our Cody hearing clinic for hearing services in Greybull, WY. However, as Cody is the larger town, we often have clients who prefer the slightly longer trip as they are able to get more errands done in Cody.

Basin, WY

Again, our Powell hearing clinic is a couple of minutes closer to those looking for hearing services in Basin, WY, than the Powell office. But if you are looking to maximize your drive, visiting our Cody clinic will allow you greater access to other services in the larger city of Cody.

Cowley, WY

If you are currently looking for hearing services in Cowley, WY, and would like to work with our hearing specialist, the Powell location is closest to your town. While the Powell clinic hours are only on Tuesday and Thursday, you can opt to make the longer drive to our Cody clinic if you need an appointment Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

Byron, WY

For hearing Services for Byron, WY, our hearing clinic in Powell is fairly close. The drive may take more time during the winter months, but most of our Byron patients can make the drive in under 20 minutes. Our hearing specialist will also make house calls in Byron when needed.

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