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Hearing Services

Here at Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming, we have the dedication and expertise to help you find the right solution for your hearing loss. To help you find that solution, we offer a variety of hearing services.

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

To accurately evaluate your level of hearing loss, a comprehensive hearing test is required. Our hearing instrument specialist will consult with you then perform a series of tests which check various aspects of your hearing.

After the tests are complete, our hearing practitioner will explain what your results indicate. Should these results indicate that you have hearing loss, our hearing instrument specialist will consult with you on your options and allow you to test various hearing aids so you can hear the differences between the numerous hearing aids we have available for you to test.

Also, when you schedule an appointment with our hearing instrument specialist, you can receive this comprehensive hearing test completely for free. This test also includes a complimentary hearing aid demonstration so that you can be fully informed of your choices.

Hearing Aid Services

Here at Modern Hearing Solutions, many of our services revolve around hearing aids. These services are:

  • Hearing aid demonstration – There are many different levels of hearing loss and not all hearing aids are appropriate for your particular level of hearing loss. Our hearing specialist will take the time to help you test out different hearing aids. That way, you can be sure you know which hearing aids are best for you.
  • Hearing aid sales – As hearing aids are controlled medical devices, you will need to go through a trained hearing aid dispenser to receive your hearing aids. At Modern Hearing Solutions, our Wyoming, board-certified hearing instrument specialist can provide you with the best hearing technology available.
  • Repairs on all major hearing aid brands – Whether due to wear and tear or because of an accident, your hearing aids may require repairs at some point. You can bring your hearing aids into our hearing clinic for repairs as our hearing instrument specialist can make repairs on all major brands of hearing aids.
  • Batteries for hearing aids – We carry hearing aid batteries and can assist you in the changing of your hearing aid batteries. Also, if you are tired of handling the small batteries, you can discuss rechargeable hearing aids options with our hearing specialist.
  • Custom ear impressions – If you need customized hearing protection, having a custom ear impression can be done to fabricate earplugs which will fit your ear perfectly. Swimmers, musicians, construction workers, and others could benefit from having a custom impression done.
  • In-home assistance – For those who are unable to make it into our office, our hearing instrument specialist can travel to your location to provide hearing aid assistance.

Tinnitus Management Services

Hearing loss and tinnitus are often connected conditions. If you struggle with tinnitus with or without hearing loss, our hearing specialist can offer you assistance.

Hearing aids with tinnitus support – Many major hearing aid brands now have hearing aids which have built-in tinnitus support. Depending on the severity of your tinnitus, our hearing practitioner will discuss different tinnitus support-enabled hearing aids with you.

Tinnitus management counseling – A major trigger of tinnitus is stress and anxiety. To help you avoid these triggers as well as other environmental tinnitus triggers, our hearing specialist can counsel you on various tinnitus management techniques.

Why Choose Modern Hearing Solutions Of Wyoming

Modern Hearing Solutions is dedicated to delivering the hearing solutions you need with the trust and service you deserve. Our hearing practitioner Don Doucet is committed to assisting each individual who comes into our hearing clinic, and he will help you through every step you need to take to regain your hearing.

Hearing Aid Financing Assistance

If you have insurance, we will work with you to determine if hearing aids are covered and how much is covered by your plan. However, if you do not have insurance and are unable to pay for hearing aids out-of-pocket, Modern Hearing Solutions can still help you.

Our hearing clinic works with a financing company, which can offer you no-interest financing if you qualify for their financing assistance.

Lifetime Commitment To Your Hearing

When you chose to work with Modern Hearing Solutions, you are choosing to receive lifetime service from our hearing clinic. We offer free annual retesting of your hearing to determine if your hearing needs have changed and periodic hearing consultations.

Communities Served By Modern Hearing Solutions

Our offices are based in Powell and Cody, Wyoming, but we serve many other local communities who need the services of a dependable hearing aid provider. Some of the other towns we serve are:

  • Lovell
  • Meeteetse
  • Greybull
  • Wapiti
  • Thermopolis
  • Worland

If you are ready to work with a hearing instrument specialist who will take the time to properly address your hearing needs, contact us today to set up your appointment.