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My hearing aids work fine!

That’s great that they continue to help you hear, but here are a few things you may want to consider. Like all computer technology, hearing aids have improved dramatically in the last 5 years. Their wireless technology, the speed of the computer processors inside them, and the operating systems that help you hear better in noisy situations, have all improved significantly. Here are some things to consider:

Your Hearing May Have Changed

It’s true, that as we continue to age, we may be subject to “presbycusis” – hearing loss that occurs as we grow older. A similar thing happens with our vision – it’s call presbyopia. Our recommendation is to have your hearing checked annually by your hearing care provider to track those differences. At a minimum, have your current hearing aids adjusted to accommodate those changes. When you talk to him or her about your current hearing loss, you may also want to try out the latest technology, just to see if it works better for you. That leads to the following considerations…

Technology Improvements

Faster: As you may know, computer chips are getting faster and smaller. That means that you can put more power into the small hearing device, using even less space. What difference does that make?

1) Acoustic analysis: Today’s hearing aids have the ability to constantly sample the listening environment you’re in. As they do so, they make instant adjustments to accommodate the sounds around you, seeking out speech, and quieting other sounds. The quicker this occurs, and the more environmental types of sound they are able to analyze (wind & machine noise, for example), the quicker they can adapt without you having to miss a word of conversation.

2) Wireless capabilities: The ability for today’s hearing aids to talk to each other is amazing. As they analyze acoustic changes around you, they are constantly “talking” to each other to make adjustments between them. For example, it may be noisy on your left, but somebody is talking on your right. The hearing aids will turn down the left, and turn up the right, in order for you to catch the conversation. Pretty amazing, huh? The wireless technology also allows them to communicate with your phone, iPad, television, or any other device that can communicate through Bluetooth. You don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve had a phone conversation in stereo through your hearing aids.

Your Lifestyle May Have Changed

Perhaps you are more active in social things now than you were earlier – attending more meetings or restaurant gatherings, having more conversations on the phone, etc. With today’s improvement in hearing aid technology, the most notable difference is the ability to hear speech in noisy situations – one of our biggest complaints, right? This technology alone makes considering an upgrade worthwhile.

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