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Well, most of us have our VISION checked out every 2 years (74%).  Also, most of us have our TEETH looked at by the dentist every year (62%).  However, when we go into the doctor for a physical, rarely (only 23% of the time), do they ever check out our hearing.  According to my discussions with local doctors, you may have a brief conversation about ringing in your ears (tinnitus), but nothing is actually done to test whether hearing loss exists.  The fact is, to have that done, you would actually need to visit a specialist in hearing care.

Is it worth the effort?  You bet.  Hearing loss has reached epidemic proportions with over 360 million people worldwide suffering, not just minor loss, but significant loss – the kind that gets in the way of your ability to carry on a normal, happy life.  One in three of us over 65 have some degree of loss.

The recommendation is to get your hearing tested regularly.  That way, if your hearing is okay today, you can use the results of that test as a baseline for future tests to see whether there are changes in your hearing in the future – whether your lifestyle may be causing some damage.  However, if you discover you currently have a hearing loss, the earlier you address it, the better you will be able to curtail its effects.  These include things like

  • inability to communication in noisy environments,

  • increased risk of falling, and even

  • cognitive decline (difficulty in thinking).


Such tests typically will cost you from $0 to about $160, depending on who is performing them.  They include testing your ability to hear sounds, and understand speech.  To make an appointment for a complimentary test near you, press HERE.  What it includes for you is listed on this page.

If you would like to do a preliminary test yourself, Starkey has a great SELF-TEST your can perform on line by pressing HERE.