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Keith Francik Cody, WY

I have other hearings aids that are only a couple of years old, but since trying these new hearing aids, I can actually remember what things are supposed to sound like – incredibly natural, and even the wind doesn’t bother me now. I can’t wait to put them on in the morning and I leave them in all day.

If you’re suffering any hearing loss at all, I’d highly recommend Modern Hearing Solutions, and especially Don. He provides terrific customer service – the kind of thing you just don’t find much anymore.

Dr. Charles Crowell, M.D. Cody, WY

I had hearing aids before, and thought they were working okay. However, with Don’s help at Modern Hearing, I realized how I continued to suffer significant hearing loss even when wearing them. The hearing aids I have now have from Don have changed my life dramatically.

They werewell worth the investment . And the service I’ve had from Don during and after the initial fitting has been just great. I get them regularly cleaned and tuned and they are really helping me. I continue to recommend Don at Modern Hearing Solutions to all my friends.

Larry F. - Powell, WY

Virginia Y. - Powell, WY

Karen A. Powell, WY

I’ve had my hearing aids for a couple of months, and I’ve been really happy with Don’s service. He has me keep coming back to ensure they are fitting just right. My level of hearing is very good now.’

‘I’m very happy with everything and would highly recommend Don to anybody.”

Ray & Patricia R. Byron, WY

My wife and I got new hearing aids from Don back in early 2016. My wife got hers first, and then I got mine about a month later.

We’ve found that to be one of the best moves we’ve ever made, because of the service we’ve received from Don since then has really be great. I would recommend Don anytime. I really mean that.

Mary V. -- Powell, WY

In addition to having hearing loss, I have suffered with Tinnitus my entire life, and didn’t think there was anything I could do about it. With Don’s help, for the first time in my life, I am actually experiencing relief, and am able to go through a day without the constant ringing getting in the way of everything I do.

These new hearing aids have been exactly what I needed. It’s nice to finally have relief from things you get used to, but are still bothered by. It’s really a quality-of-life issue – a real mood-lifter.

For months, since getting them, week after week, I’ve come in to Don to get them adjusted just perfectly. It has taken time to adjust to both the new sounds and the physical fit of the hearing aids, and Don has been so patient in getting things just right. I’m very happy with the service and personal care I have received and would recommend him to anyone who thinks they may need some help.

Patricia C. – Powell, WY

What brought me into Modern Hearing Solutions in the first place was that my family said that I probably needed hearing aids. I had gone elsewhere before to have my hearing tested, and they said that I was “on the verge” of needing help, but really didn’t recommend hearing aids, so I thought – maybe my hearing really isn’t that bad. However, my kids told me No, you need help – it’s worse than that!

So, I decided to come down and visit Don. He ran thorough tests and found my hearing was worse than I had been told originally – I was really struggling to hear speech. I had him fit me with hearing aids, and it’s really helped. Don has been very nice, very helpful, always accommodating when I need something. Sometimes I stop by to have him adjust this or that just a little bit, and he always takes care of me. I would absolutely recommend Don to anyone who thinks they might need hearing aids.

Terry Stanclift - Powell, WY

Have a hearing loss? I do, and will take a minute to provide you useful information, read on.

Earlier this year I went to Don Doucet in Powell for my hearing loss. I already knew I needed hearing devices, but frankly had felt I had received a run-around by most other hearing aid dispensers. Don is different.

My name is Terry Stanclift and this is an open letter of recommendation. I am doing this as a testament to Don and his service at Modern Hearing Solutions.

I bought my hearing devices from Don. I have grown to trust him and he has offered excellent follow-up service. Don helped me to understand how to wear and adjust my hearing aids. This was a very important step in my continuing to wear them and to my satisfaction.

Don did not pay me for this recommendation – I am doing it because he offers something hard to find: service after the sale. Good hearing devices are not cheap – so get your monies worth, and get a solution to your hearing problems at Modern Hearing Solutions in Powell.

If you want to contact me, tell Don you read this letter. He has my permission to provide you a phone number. Call me and I will give you an honest appraisal of the service Don provides.

Wes L. Powell, WY

Most of my hearing was lost in the ‘80’s due to Meniere’s. Without a hearing aid I have practically no sound whatsoever. Over the years I’ve found that most hearing aids provide some form of hearing improvement. To obtain the highest quality level for hearing is

having your aid adjusted to your specific needs and abilities.

Before I first met Don Doucet I was having great difficulty having my aid programmed to provide a quality level of word comprehension.

Don was recommended by a friend. I made an appointment. Don spent a good deal of time with me; and he listened to my needs and frustrations. He had the patience to continue working with me, testing and making computerized adjustments to my aid to bring in the sounds I needed. Because of his efforts my word comprehension has increased dramatically. I can conduct conversations at a much lower volume than before. Don has the knowledge and expertise to work with the most advanced aids

on the market. Whether one is seeking a hearing aid for the first time, or are looking to improve hearing with devices you already have, I would highly recommend Don Doucet of Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming in Powell as the specialist to see.