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That you’re old?  Many think so, but not true.  With today’s sleek, high-tech hearing devices, our quality of life improves dramatically when we take care of our hearing loss.  And what does our doing so say about us to others?  Well here are some interesting things that an Article from the Better Hearing Institute had to say:

1) You’re a go-getter: You tackle problems head-on, like your hearing loss.  Instead of trying to pretend the problem doesn’t exist, you acknowledge and address it for the best possible outcome.

2) You value your relationships: Without the ability to communicate back and forth with others, there is just no way to maintain and strengthen relationships with them.  You aren’t willing to sacrifice those relationships out of reluctance to address your hearing loss.

3) You love to be active: Whether it’s communing with nature, or engaged in activities that involve other people, you want to be a part of it.  You know that that isn’t possible if your world doesn’t allow in the sounds of the birds, the flowing streams, or the voices of friends and family.

4) You love living life: Instead of wanting to isolate yourself because it’s just too difficult to understand others, you have chosen to live life to the full.

5) You’re tech-savvy, and make the most of what modern life has to offer: We live in a world filled with personal electronics.  In fact, it seems half the population is walking around with ear buds, listening to their favorite tunes.  Today’s advanced digital hearing devices allow you to hear speech in difficult listening environments, but also have the ability to hook you directly to phone calls, televisions, your phone, iPod, and tablet directly.  Very cool.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether to address your loss, or aren’t sure if you have loss, contact us here and we can visit about the options and find out what will work for you.