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Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming, conveniently located in Cody and Powell, is here to help you with unmatched expertise and customer service.  Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we can measure hearing loss and identify whether it’s the type that can be helped with hearing aids — not all hearing loss can.  If results show that hearing aids can help you, we will custom-fit a pair for you to try.  We represent several of the best manufacturers in the world to provide you customized solutions for your lifestyle and budget.  We also make available free financing for those with qualifying credit.

Our services include consultations to answer all your questions, at least a year’s supply of batteries, and then lifetime, personalized service at no additional cost.  We have a passion for helping people hear better, and take our commitment to the community seriously.

Hearing Examination Service

1. Consultation (BEFORE)

Before any testing begins, we will will spending a few minutes talking with you and your communication partner about what you have been experiencing, your goals regarding hearing, and how you would like us to help you.

2. Video Otoscopy

Testing begin with a visual examination of your ear canal. We will show you what we see and explain how this may affect your hearing.

3. Sound Testing

In our comfortable Sound Booth, we will measure your hearing thresholds at different frequencies and volumes to develop a audiogram mapping your particular hearing loss, and get our first clue as to whether it’s the type that hearing aids can help correct.

4. Speech Testing

Since understanding speech is the most important goal when it comes to helping you communicate, there are several tests regarding your ability to hear a list of words, measuring both thresholds and discrimination – with and without background noise.

5. Consultation (AFTER)

After completing both sound and speech testing, we will explain the results to you – carefully explaining any terms, answering questions, and providing recommendations based on our findings.

6. Demonstration

If Hearing Aids are recommended, we will be able to customize the settings on a pair of the latest technology – based on your test results, and have you try them on to see what help really sounds like.

7. Next Step

Based on your needs and goals, we can talk about how you would like to move forward. If appropriate, and you decide to get fit for hearing aids, we can make arrangements to begin helping you hear better.

Meet Our Hearing Instrument Specialist

Don Doucet, is a Hearing Instrument Specialist, licensed in both Nebraska and Wyoming. He lived in Lincoln, Nebraska for many years, raising his family and managing computer network and communications systems for several large corporations.  He has degrees in business and computer electronics, the latter being a real plus in this technology-based industry.

After working with business technology for more than 20 years, he chose to become a Hearing Instrument Specialist to have more opportunities to help people directly, in a field that touches them personally – the technology of hearing. He completed his internship and testing, and was licensed to practice in Nebraska, where he maintained an office until moving to Mexico.

In 2003, Don and his wife Joy, purchased a small acreage just outside of Cody on the Southfork with the intention of moving here at their earliest opportunity. That time arrived in 2014.  Now, they have settled into their new house and have fulfilled their goal of making Wyoming their permanent home.

Hear What Our Patients Are Saying

I can actually remember what things are supposed to sound like – incredibly natural, and even the wind doesn’t bother me now.

If you’re suffering any hearing loss at all, I’d highly recommend Modern Hearing Solutions, and especially Don. He provides terrific customer service – the kind of thing you just don’t find much anymore.

Keith Francik

Cody, WY

The hearing aids I have from Don have changed my life dramatically.

They were well worth the investment.

The service I’ve had from Don during and after the initial fitting has been great. I continue to recommend Don at Modern Hearing Solutions to all my friends.

Dr. Charles Crowell, M.D.

Cody, WY

I’ve had my hearing aids for a couple of months, and I’ve been really happy with Don’s service.  He has me keep coming back to ensure they are fitting just right. My level of hearing is very good now.

I’m very happy with everything and would highly recommend Don to anybody.

Karen A.

Powell, WY

Don has the knowledge and expertise to work with the most advanced aids on the market.

Whether one is seeking a hearing aid for the first time, or are looking to improve hearing with devices you already have, I would highly recommend Don Doucet of Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming in Powell as the specialist to see.

Wes L.

Powell, WY

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