Can You Restore Hearing Naturally?

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Can You Restore Hearing Naturally?

A person’s acceptance of their hearing loss often goes through the stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. However, before the acceptance stage is reached, some individuals reach the bargaining stage and try to find if they can restore their hearing naturally.

In most cases, there is no natural cure for hearing loss. However, that doesn’t mean that your hearing loss is untreatable. Whether you have conductive, sensorineural, or mixed hearing loss, there is often a solution that can be found to help restore at least partial hearing.

Hearing Loss Is Generally Permanent But Treatable

There are three types of hearing loss, and depending on what type of hearing loss you have will dictate what kind of treatment you need. In most cases, the hearing loss is permanent without surgical intervention or the use of hearing aids. However, if impacted earwax is the source of your hearing loss, it is possible to simply use an ear wax softening solution to soften and release the wax.

For those with conductive hearing loss, there is an issue with the outer or middle ear that prevents the conduction of sound. Surgery is often used to help restore some or all hearing, as well as cochlear implants. For sensorineural hearing loss, the problem is in the inner ear, usually with the sound conducting hair cells. With this type of hearing loss, hearing aids are often the answer.

With mixed hearing loss, it is as the name implies—it is a mix of sensorineural and conductive hearing loss. That generally means treatments of both types of hearing loss are utilized to correct hearing impairment.

Explore Hearing Aid Options To Correct Hearing Loss

Those individuals who develop hearing loss later in life often are suffering from sensorineural hearing loss. Here at Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming, we help those suffering from sensorineural hearing loss with a wide variety of hearing options. Some of the options we have available include:

  • Different hearing aid styles –


    While many people are familiar with hearing aids that go behind a person’s ear, there are actually far more available. Depending on your needs, budget, and other factors, you will have a wide variety of styles available.

  • Range of hearing aid power levels –


    Not all hearing aids have the same ability to amplify sound. So, if all you need is mild-to-moderate hearing aid needs, you can choose most styles of hearing aids. However, if you have more severe hearing loss, we will focus on hearing aids that offer strong amplification.

  • Variety of hearing aid brands –


    There are also many to choose from when you are looking to correct your hearing loss. From major to minor brands, we can provide a wide variety so that you have plenty of options.

Find Your Perfect Hearing Aids In Cody, WY

While it is not possible to restore your hearing naturally in most cases, with the right hearing aids, you can regain much of your lost hearing. Here in Wyoming, you don’t have to travel far to find your perfect hearing aids, as we have a hearing clinic in Cody as well as a clinic in Powell!

If you are interested in determining what type of hearing loss you have and exploring your hearing aid options, feel free to contact us for a free hearing evaluation and hearing aids consultation with our hearing instrument specialist.

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